Meet Vita Athlete – Mark Williams 30th December 2018

Vita are proud to announce their first sponsored athlete Mark Williams!

Mark is a seasoned CrossFit athlete who has competed at a high level taking part in competitions such as; Wild West, Strength In Depth and Inferno Pairs. Mark also took part in the British Indoor Rowing Championships this year as part of a team 4k row alongside Vita’s very own Lucy Majury taking a easy 1st place. What a team!

Let’s learn a little more about Mark

What’s your name? Mark Stephen Williams

How old are you? 29

How tall are you? Massive? 6′ 5″

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 5 years

What is your favorite movement? HSW I really enjoy being upside down (Hand Stand Walk)

What is your worst movement? Strict HSPU – have you seen how far down I have to go? My arms are massive (Hand Stand Push Ups)

What is your favorite workout? I love Murph as it is just a long slog and I’m quite good at cardio
Murph is – 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 Press ups, 300 Squats, 1 mile run

What is your worst workout? – Diane – I am not very good at HSPU and I have a chocolate tea pot back. Could not be a worse workout.
Diane is – 21-15-9 – HSPU and DL 100/70

What is the best competition you have competed in and why? Wild West because I was competing with my best friends and it’s always such a fun competition

What are your goals for 2019? Top 30 in European champs, build some more strength in my lifting

Name one thing you always have in your training bag? Deep heat for my back and of course my Vita t-shirt

What is your favorite CrossFit accessory that you can’t live without? Belt for your chocolate back? No actually Thumb tape and yes my belt – laughs

What does your diet look like? Good! I’m pretty strict to be honest. For 7 days of the week I eat 100% good foods and I allow myself 1 treat meal a week

Tell us one interesting fact about you? I played rugby in afgan whilst I was on tour in the army against the Afgan rubgy team