How to keep fit whilst travelling? 12th November 2019

Last year I went travelling for 6 months. One of my biggest fears about leaving my normal day to day life for 6 months was how I would maintain keeping fit and my LOVE for a fitness routine whilst I was travelling. I say one of my fears, I didn’t really have any fears, just a thought that passed through my mind. Obviously a big part of being on the road is being active; hiking, walking, swimming and other activities play a huge part in the exploration of the world and 100% played a massive part most days of my trip.

Now I know I am a specific type of person for enjoying exercise as much as I do, but if you are one in the same I have written this blog to give a few pointers on how I kept myself feeling fit on my six month journey around the world. 


Using a gym or going to gym classes is probably one of the hardest ways to exercise when you are on the move every few days, but it is not impossible, just takes some researching. What I found was that when we were in cities it was really easy to find a gym that would either offer a 7 day free gym pass or a pass for say £15 for a week which allowed you to go to as many gym classes as you want or a first spin class free. I made the most of these offers whenever we hit a big city e.g. Toronto, LA and Melbourne. 


The easiest way to keep fit whilst travelling has to be running. You can run everywhere! The few things that I loved about running were 1) you could get up early and see the sites without all the tourists around, always a win 2) you were running in some of the most beautiful places in the world, so if running really isn’t your thing, the landscape should take your mind off of it 3) it doesn’t take long to go out and run 5k before getting on with your day!



When you are travelling WALKING is a given and a great way to keep fit. I walked EVERYWHERE! You had to though, because it is the best way to see a place. There were many days when I walked half marathon distances, and I mean if that isn’t good exercise then I don’t know what is!
If you go on an active trip like I did hiking will 100% be a part of it and it will take you to some of the most incredible places and views.


Macchu Picchu, Peru

 Other activities 

Travelling is the time when you get to try new things and there are so many of these that end up being physical activities. I know that some of the best days I had were when we got to try out a new sport or do something that we just don’t have the weather for here in the UK. These included, but were not limited to; Surfing, Kayaking, Horse Riding, Sand-boarding, bob-sleighing, swimming in lakes that were barely 7 degrees and Snorkelling. 


My final and favourite way of working out when I am away is Yoga. Yoga is the best way to wind down after a busy few days of activity or being on the go, on buses of planes ect. I found it really nice to be able to set up my towel anywhere I fancied, be it a field in the middle of New Zealand, a beach in Australia or at the peak of a mountain in Canada. Yoga allows you to really be alone with your thoughts and appreciate the surroundings around you. I only wish I had done it a bit more! 

Final Thought

The key message I am trying to get across here is you can travel and keep fit, and it doesn’t need to be in the conventional ways you might use at home.  One thing that travelling has taught me is that routine is not normal, and learning to live outside of your own comfort zone will be a life experience you will never forget. I hope to do some more travelling next year (or maybe move to a hotter country) and I hope there are some new activities for me to try!

A quote I leave you with is something I think about everyday, and I know that my only goal is to make sure I don’t let this happen! 

‘We travel, not to escape life, but to make sure life doesn’t escape us’!

Don’t forget to take your favourite Vita kit with you on your travels!

Written by Emily Majury

Emily Majury Wellness