About Vita Active


Vita was founded by owner’s Mike Jepp and Lucy Majury in 2018. Both Mike and Lucy enjoy keeping fit and healthy. When starting Vita Active the pair wanted to create a lifestyle brand apposed to just a fitness brand giving them more scope to be able to help guide people in fitness and well being. Vita’s online store will not only sell clothing but it will sell top of the range nutritional products and advise on nutrition as the company progresses.

Meet Vita Founders

Mike Jepp

Mike’s background is in Interior Architecture. Mike has worked in the hustle and bustle of London all the way over to the bright lights of LA. Mike has worked in the industry since graduating from University with a 1st. Mike has designed some of the biggest bars, clubs, restaurants and homes both here in the UK and LA.

Lucy Majury

Lucy has vast knowledge of the fitness industry being a Personal Trainer, Performance Nutritionist and CrossFit Coach. Alongside this Lucy has proven to be very consistent in her high level of performance in sport. Lucy has made three appearances at the European CrossFit Regionals, which is no small feat. Lucy has also bagged herself 4 World Records in Powerlifting, has taken gold at the British Indoor Rowing 4- Man Team Championships and has competed as part of Team England at Functional Fitness Racing.

Why Mike and Lucy make a great team

A ‘perfect’ team is made when two people have different skill sets that complement each other and help to create one great mind. Mike and Lucy are able to use their differing skills to help them push the boundaries in designing and finding clothes that are going to be up and coming designs and colours but also comfortable to wear and fit the bill of what is needed from clothes when training and competing.

What does Vita mean?

Vita means ‘life’ in Latin but here at Vita is means way more. Vita decided to call their clothing brand Vita because they wanted to be able to try and inspire others to live ‘their best life’. Both Mike and Lucy have worked very hard to be one of the best in their field of work and are now able to live the best lives they possibly can and they wanted to be able to use this work ethic to inspire others and help them to realise that with hard work you can ‘live your best life’.