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Our Story



Vita was founded by owners Lucy Majury and Mike Jepp in 2018. Both Mike and Lucy enjoy keeping fit and healthy and like several sports. However, CrossFit is their main passion and Lucy competes at a high level, with three appearances at the European CrossFit Regionals, which is no small achievement. She has also bagged herself four World Records in Powerlifting, has taken gold at the British Indoor Rowing 4- Man Team Championships and has competed as part of Team England at Functional Fitness Racing. Lucy has vast knowledge of the fitness industry with a proven career working as a Personal Trainer, Performance Nutritionist, Pre/Post Natal Coach and CrossFit Coach.


When launching Vita Active the pair wanted to create a lifestyle brand as opposed to just a fitness brand. This gave them more scope to be able to help guide people in fitness and wellbeing. Michael’s interest in wellbeing grew during his time spent in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a city that majors on fitness and this is where he was first introduced to CrossFit. Michael worked as an Architectural Interior Designer for a design company based in West Hollywood. During his time working in West Hollywood Mike helped to create designs for famous bars and high-end luxury residential properties.


On his return to the UK a joint venture with Lucy was developed to launch Vita Active. Their differing skillsets complement each other, and they have combined their mindset to push the boundaries in designs and colours for a simple, comfortable and affordable sportswear that is made for training and competing, for indoors and outdoors and for work and leisure.


Vita translates as ‘life’ in Latin and Mike and Lucy’s ethos is to live their best life. They have instilled this idea into the Vita brand. Their work ethic is high, and their standards and quality are palpable throughout their range of clothing and products.

Lucy’s experience of sportswear for training and competing in CrossFit had been disappointing and she particularly wanted to create a range of clothing that allowed a female to achieve a stylish look enabling her to exercise in a comfortable and a practical way. It was also important to create a minimal fresh style that accommodated a muscular physique allowing you to retain your femininity.

Vita’s mantra is to be better, stronger and active. Both Lucy, Mike and their athlete ambassadors are driving this culture through their brand. They do this by not only promoting their own healthy philosophy, but by educating their customers on lifestyle, nutrition and mind, and body and soul articles through their blog page and products on their website


Throughout 2020 they are making every effort to become more sustainable by taking measures to use less plastic packaging, increase their range of sustainable clothing and to streamline their delivery process to reduce their carbon footprint.


The Founders

Michael Jepp | Fitness Clothing Brand
Lucy Majury | Lifestyle Clothing Brand