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Our athlete program is designed to help those who are striving to compete at a higher level within their chosen sport. Vita can help raise your profile whilst supporting you along your journey. Our team is made up of competitive athletes across multiple sporting disciplines. Vita also helps its athletes improve their knowledge on how to keep fit, healthy and care for their body and fuel it. Why not use this to your advantage and apply below.


Vita’s athlete program is headed up by 3 x CrossFit Regional’s Athlete and 4 x Powerlifting World Record Holder Lucy Majury. Lucy is not only a great athlete and coach but part owner of Vita. From being a competitive athlete Lucy knows what it takes to be at the top of a sport and how to look after her mind, body and health. Lucy is a performance nutritionist along side being an athlete helping to keep her ahead of the game, understand her body and what it needs for fuel. She is able to use this knowledge to help others as well.

The most recent addition to the Vita Athlete community is ‘Foxy’. James is a former Royal Marine with a passion for fitness and helping others to reach their full potential. Foxy is the head coach and co-owner of ‘The Box Reebok’ based in Somerset. With a great year of competing in CrossFit, he has bright future ahead of him and we’re looking forward to supporting him along the way.

Foxy Athlete | Best Crossfit Workouts

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