Mental Toughness with Justin Su’a 21st November 2019 – Posted in: Lifestyle, Mind, Body + Soul

Not so long ago I was very lucky to be able to speak with Justin Su’a on the phone about mental toughness. Justin Su’a is a mental performance and leadership coach for the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Browns. Justin also produces a weekday podcast called INCREASE YOUR IMPACT – for me one of the best podcasts around. Each day Justin discusses a different topic or drops knowledge bombs giving you focus and something to…

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Self-Care 30th September 2019 – Posted in: Mind, Body + Soul

Self-Care can be a bit of a taboo subject. When we talk about self-care and self-love it can sometimes be given the negative connotation of selfishness. This blog is here to tell you why self-care is definitely not that. It is 100% a positive attribute for your life and those around you. But what is self-care? If you look at the definition of Self-Care it is quite self-explanatory ‘the practice of taking action to preserve…

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