Why Diet’s Don’t Work 12th November 2019 – Posted in: Nutrition

When we hear the word diet we often think of food deprivation, bland meals and unpleasant periods of semi-starvation – which it tends to be however this way of thinking is very unsustainable and unhealthy. People jump from diet to diet wondering why nothing works or why they bounce back to their original weight after each diet.  This is because diet’s don’t work. Throughout this article you will learn how you can replace this way…

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Why we use Whey’d 20th February 2019 – Posted in: Nutrition

The supplement market is swamped with protein powders at the moment making it so hard to know which is best. For many years I (Lucy) have searched for one that ticks all the boxes from an athletic and nutritional point of view. This was until I came across Whey’d. Whey’d not only ticks all the boxes nutritionally but has been a great addition to my training. Aside from being a great product Whey’d are always…

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