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  • apple and panut butter

    Why Diet’s Don’t Work

    When we hear the word diet we often think of food deprivation, bland meals and unpleasant periods of semi-starvation – which it tends to be however this way of thinking is very unsustainable and unhealthy.…
  • girl sanboarding in desert

    How to keep fit whilst travelling?

    Last year I went travelling for 6 months. One of my biggest fears about leaving my normal day to day life for 6 months was how I would maintain keeping fit and my LOVE for…
  • Meditation Blog


    Self-Care can be a bit of a taboo subject. When we talk about self-care and self-love it can sometimes be given the negative connotation of selfishness. This blog is here to tell you why self-care…
  • (6)-min

    Why we use Whey’d

    The supplement market is swamped with protein powders at the moment making it so hard to know which is best. For many years I (Lucy) have searched for one that ticks all the boxes from…
  • mark

    Meet Vita Athlete – Mark Williams

    Vita are proud to announce their first sponsored athlete Mark Williams! Mark is a seasoned CrossFit athlete who has competed at a high level taking part in competitions such as; Wild West, Strength In Depth…