Team Vita

Lucy Majury | Best CrossFit Athlete
Lucy Majury

Lucy Majury has made multiple appearances at CrossFit Regionals and has 4 World Powerlifting Records. Lucy is also one of the founders of Vita Active

Best CrossFit Athlete | Mark Williams
Mark Williams

Mark Williams AKA Bambi has a ton of experience competing in CrossFit. He loves long workouts and always hopes for no HSPU. Those long levers don’t work well for HSPU…

Kat Mcewen | Gymnastics Athletes
Kat McEwen

The small but mighty Kat is a very well rounded athlete who likes competing individually or as part of a team. Kat loves anything upside down or in the air (gymnastics)…

Alex Kane | Best Crossfitter & Rugby Player
Alex Kane

Competitive rugby player turned CrossFitter Alex Kane joined Vita earlier this year. He loves to compete individually and part of a team. Watch out as Alex will be appearing at Sanctional events this year…

James Fox | Best CrossFit Athlete
James Fox

Ex Royal Marine James Fox (Foxy) has made a big statement at the CrossFit competitions he has attended this year. Foxy is set to represent the UK at this years Functional Fitness Racing…

Sam Long | Best Sports and Exercise Coach
Sam Long

Sam has been competing in CrossFit since 2016 after playing rugby for over 12 years. Sam is a qualified PT and studied sports and exercise science at Lincoln University. Sam now works in diabetes prevention alongside personal training and coaching…

Suzi Athlete | Best CrossFit Athlete & Trainer
Suzanne Birchall

Suz trains at CrossFit Witham and regularly competes in CrossFit competitions. Suz has a great balance of being strong but also cardio fit. The perfect combination for a CrossFit athlete.