Team Vita

vita athlete lucy majury
Lucy Majury

Lucy Majury has made multiple appearances at CrossFit Regionals and has 4 World Powerlifting Records. Lucy is also one of the founders of Vita Active…

vita athlete mark williams
Mark Williams

Mark Williams AKA Bambi has a ton of experience competing in CrossFit. He loves long workouts and always hopes for no HSPU. Those long levers don’t work well for HSPU…

vita athlete kat mcewen
Kat McEwen

The small but mighty Kat is a very well rounded athlete who likes competing individually or as part of a team. Kat loves anything upside down or in the air (gymnastics)…

vita athlete alex kane
Alex Kane

Competitive rugby player turned CrossFitter Alex Kane joined Vita earlier this year. He loves to compete individually and part of a team. Watch out as Alex will be appearing at Sanctional events this year…

vita athlete james fox
James Fox

Ex Royal Marine James Fox (Foxy) has made a big statement at the CrossFit competitions he has attended this year. Foxy is set to represent the UK at this years Functional Fitness Racing…

vita athlete sam long
Sam Long

Sam has been competing in CrossFit since 2016 after playing rugby for over 12 years. Sam is a qualified PT and studied sports and exercise science at Lincoln University. Sam now works in diabetes prevention alongside personal training and coaching…

vita athlete suzi
Suzanne Birchall

Suz trains at CrossFit Witham and regularly competes in CrossFit competitions. Suz has a great balance of being strong but also cardio fit. The perfect combination for a CrossFit athlete.